Season One


Episode 1 – Israel Alvarez, former sous chef at Pujol in Mexico City, discloses a haunting past and more!

After a life-changing event in Mexico City, Israel has settled in Victoria BC Canada to share his passion of traditional Mexican cuisine. Israel educates us on the cultural and nutritional value of authentic corn tortillas and shares some intimate stories.

Instagram: @Israel_alvarezm

Episode 2 – Mark Merwitzer on changing local policies in the US. Yes, you can!
Politically active in his community, this bright young leader gives us an up-close view into what it takes to make changes. Mark recounts his first big experience with legislature as a 16 year-old.
He emphasizes that we must be willing to listen to each other and not be afraid to mess up along the way, but to get out there! You can make changes if you are tenacious and above all keep an open-mind about others.

Episode 3 – Jerome Peacock: What if society valued people more than stuff? A philosophical chat.
Surfer, poet, father, philosopher, real estate agent…meet this gentle and contemplative soul as he reveals his views on our world’s current values. Which has more value: A Gucci bag or a care-giver? These are some of the topics we broach. And stay until the end because he shares a special treat with us!

Episode 4 – Rosie Volcano recounts her unconventional LGBTQ+ life and shares her success stories.

A vibrant tale of Rosie and her transgender partner Kit. Despite serious setbacks and challenges, The Volcanos have created a successful coaching business, a nontraditional family and a joyful life. Today, Rosie and her husband are transformational coaches dedicated to guiding people from all walks of life.

Episode 5 – Gloria McDonald, green beauty expert, reveals how she has perfected her natural soap!
Natural soap artisan for over 20 years, Gloria explains her soap « addiction, » the names behind her brand SharGloMa and what she has learned about certain ingredients in the green beauty market.
Lots of insight into fair-trade, palm oil, and other bits of information that most of us do not know!

Website: Shargloma Soaps

Episode 6 – Gloria Pancrazi, film producer of Coextinction, explains why the orca’s fate is in our hands.
Dive into the world of a Pacific Northwest Orca activist, journalist and film producer. Gloria raises awareness to help save one of our planet’s most amazing creatures with her upcoming film Coextinction. This amazing documentary gives us an inside look at what scientists have been telling us for years about the South Resident Killer Whales.


Episode 7 – Kim Pendergast, piano teacher, talks student-teacher bonds & childhood dreams
Meet an innovative piano teacher in Victoria, BC who explains the importance of student-teacher relationships and how she made her childhood dreams come true. She encourages us to remain confident if others pressure you to pursue a career different than the one you know is made for you!

Episode 8 – Jeremy Law, Chef at Soco Restaurant chef, talks ADD and shares intimate restaurant tales
Sit back and relax with co-founder/chef of SoCo Restaurant in N.Carolina. Jeremy candidly talks about his restaurant, coping methods of his ADD, losing his parents, being in a relationship and much more in a humorous and off-beat way. We also unexpectedly delve into my personal struggles and ways of handling emotions and communication within my own family.

Episode 9 – Charlotte Gillbanks: We need people grounded in reality, not fake peace & love.
Former pharmacist living in Marseille, France, Charlotte gives poignant insight into why being grounded, realistic, and accepting of ourselves and our feelings is so vital to being mentally healthy.

Episode 10 – Richard Mosdelle, Karate master, shares what it takes to be great at something
Owner and head instructor at Kenzen Karate in Victoria, BC, Richard discusses his beliefs on being a leader, a parent, a business owner and the key elements to becoming great at any discipline.