About the project

Folks Around the World is an inspiring show that raises awareness through stories, interviews, and good old-fashioned conversations.

By listening to others’ honest tales of triumphs and struggles, we realize how connected we are. We all share one thing in common – and that is our humanity.

Our guests enlighten us on topics and life-styles we know little about and they openly share who they are and what they stand for today. Through these videos, we hope to create more open-mindedness and compassion as a whole for our society.

Enjoy the show!

Videos Season Two

Episode 7 – Jesse with Raincoast Dog Rescue
Why do dogs need us to speak-up on their behalf? Jesse passionately shares the ways he is rescuing dogs world-wide. You will hear about some unethical practices that have become the norm and nothing short of appalling. Don’t fret though. Luckily, we have people like Jesse who are the voices for these innocent lives. The more knowledge we have the more we can help! Knowledge is power. https://www.raincoastdogrescue.com/ IG: https://www.instagram.com/raincoastdogrescue/?hl=en

Episode 6 – Angela Shaw vividly recounts historical, eye-opening stories of what it means to be Black and educated in the US.
Angela Shaw, one of the few African American women to graduate Harvard Law school in the 70’s, recounts her family history and shares what it was like to be Black in the US as a child and young adult. Through Angela’s magical tales, we visit affluent neighborhoods of her past, once cultural and educational hubs for the Black community and we get a haunting glimpse into what they have become today. We journey through her romantic affair from New York to Europe where she met the love of her life. Angela also gives candid advice to Black youth in the US. Is there any hope? Decide for yourself after you partake in a very fun and eye-opening journey!

Episode 5 – Ovila Mailhot : Coast Salish artist of the Sto:lo & Nlaka’pamux Nations
Ovila, graphic artist from Seabird Island reservation in British Columbia, shares his traditions and passions in Coast Salish art. This kind and gentle soul explains the importance of knowing his indigenous roots and educating others about his heritage. We get a glimpse at some of his stunning work during the video and Ovila has some tips for those wishing to express themselves artistically. Find his artwork and projects here: https://www.salishsondesign.com/ IG: https://www.instagram.com/ovila79/?hl=en

Episode 4 – Katja Stefaniak acquaints us with alternative healing methods including ThetaHealing
Get ready to discuss new ways of healing internal conflicts, emotional wounds and blockages. Katja is trained in several energetic therapies including ThetaHealing and Forrest Yoga. Katja has been part of my personal healing circle for years. Sometimes traditional psychology can only take us so far. For those willing to go deeper, this is where Katja comes in. She helps us get to the bottom of some of our deepest wounds, some based on old belief systems passed down to us from past generations. A must see!

Episode 3 – Kiki Lovelace, Thriving Studio owner, reveals why many yoga and dance studios struggle
Join us as we ask Kiki, founder of her own coaching program: Why do so many studios struggle to make ends meet? One main reason is little to no prior business knowledge. But that is not the fascinating part! Kiki has identified a common thread that prevents her coaching clients from being successful. Fascinating discussion on how Kiki guides those from burn-out into thriving studio owners. Website: www.thrivingstudioowner.com IG: PNWProtectors

Episode 2 – Snow McCormick shares her magical orca encounters as a free diver & ocean activist
Free diver living in the San Juan Islands and co-founder of PNW Protectors, Snow narrates a magical encounter with a special pod of orcas and why she is passionate to educate people about them. (Podcast format – no video – but super interesting!) Website: www.pnwprotectors.com IG: PNWProtectors

Episode 1 – Feeling emotions & allowing body to release tension with yoga teacher and mama Béa Romeo
Bea Romeo – Yoga studio owner and teacher in St.Martin d’Uriage, France, shares the art of releasing tension, giving your body time to feel, and allowing feelings and emotions to reveal themselves as a natural and necessary process.

Hello! My name is Amie and I currently live in Victoria, BC Canada with my husband and two teen daughters.

We moved from Marseille, France to Victoria in October 2019 due to an amazing career opportunity for my husband. We all felt it was perfect timing even though it was hard to leave our lives in France behind us. I had been teaching yoga, running a studio and training teachers for about 15 years.

Almost immediately after our move, I was offered a radio show on the only French station here. It is called 50 Nuances de bien-être on Radio Victoria! I took it as a sign that this was my new path.

I believe we should live to the fullest which means we might change paths, careers, cities and life-styles as we outgrow who were yesterday to allow ourselves to become who we are today!

Before running a yoga studio, I did many other things in other far-away lands. I have shape-shifted many times from schoolteacher to business development to salesperson to barista. Now in Victoria, it is time for a new life. I hope to inspire people and shed light on various topics and people through my latest show. Remember, we are all amazing shiny stars. Enjoy the show!